At our studio located in central Winchester we can offer the following sessions tailored to your needs and ability, playing from an extensive collection of Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, Disco, Reggae, Dubstep or Jungle vinyl. Or if you have your own collection of records, feel free to bring them along too!

Taster Session :

An hour session giving you a basic introduction and insight into the world of DJ’ing with vinyl. A perfect gift for the budding DJ.

Basic Session :

Get to grips with the DJ set up, learn about the equipment and what everything does, test drive the turntables and learn how to handle vinyl. 

Intermediate Session : 

Learn the fundamentals of DJ’ing, from record selection, eq settings, beat matching, pitch mixing and more. 

Advanced Session : 

Extend your knowledge already gained and add more to the mix using special effects, turntable tricks, different methods of track mixing, recording your own mix and more.


For studio workshop sessions:

1 Person
1 Hour - £20.00 / 2 Hours  - £35.00

2 People (per person)
1 Hour - £15.00 / 2 Hours  - £25.00

3 People (per person)
1 Hour - £12.50 / 2 Hours  - £20.00

4 People (per person)
1 Hour - £10.00 / 2 Hours  - £15.00

Book 3 sessions and get the 4th for free (valid for one use only).

Taster sessions are offered with an introductory 10% discount.

For prices for outside workshops (parties, groups, clubs & corporate events), please contact us with as much information as possible and I’ll be happy to quote promptly. 

Gift Vouchers

We also offer Gift Vouchers for the sessions listed above. Please use the Get In Touch page to drop us an email and we'll send you a personalised voucher.