We helped quite a few people of all ages, here's what they've had to say about The Vinyl Workshop:

I cannot recommend The Vinyl workshop enough! Fantastic in depth and one on one tutoring from Pete who is an absolute legend! His knowledge and experience is fantastic! Recently booked lessons with Pete to work on my beatmatching and perfecting my sets. Came away with so much more knowledge. I made the journey from London, just a short ride on the train from Waterloo... and such good price for the in depth personal training. Thanks Pete... will be back to work on that scratching!
— Shelley

Great fun session with my friends to help me celebrate my birthday. Pete is a great teacher and taught us lots!
— Liz

Our students had an amazing day with Pete - thank you! Great to see them thinking about how they might use their performance skills in a different context and they learnt so much; from beat-matching to how to select records based on the material they sample! Great fun, thanks again Pete!
— Dr Niall Thomas - University of Winchester

Four of us went along to Pete’s Vinyl Workshop. It was great fun - he’s so passionate about it and has years of experience. We learnt how to mix some of our favourite songs and it reminded me how much I love music!
— Shelley

Seriously fun and seriously addictive. Best midlife crisis option - fast cars and young men are waaaay too much hassle. Gonna have to up my record budget though! . Thanks Pete for an amazing afternoon - I’ll be back (once I can carve out some time from work and kids!)
— Helena

Rekindled my passion for music and spinning tunes, highly recommended, superb!!!!
— Mark

Fabulous experience with Pete in a great setting; very highly recommended.
— Jon

I’d recommend anyone who’d like to become a DJ or like myself get back in the vibe. Get down and have a go!
Pete is an excellent tutor and has years of experience to share.
He has a passion and love for what he does and I would advise anyone looking at getting involved to have at least a taster.
— Chris

Really enjoying learning the basics from Pete who has inspired me to invest in my own decks and fully enjoy my stack of vinyl!
— Tim

We came for a two person session and it was fantastic! Pete went out of his way to find tracks we would enjoy and his passion for his music is inspiring! Needless to say Esther is hooked and will be returning soon for another session. On a side note he has a lovely friendly dog who loved listening in, thanks again for a great afternoon!
— Chris & Esther

My passion for music has been completely reignited after my Vinyl Workshop sessions. Being able to play songs I grew up with, learning how to mix them together and appreciate them in a totally new way is just pure delight.

Pete is such a knowledgeable, patient teacher and has the ability to help you get to grips with vinyl mixing so effortlessly. His own passion for music shines through and only enthuses you more. I can’t believe how much I have learnt in such a short space.

In the digital age, this is a diamond in the rough, for both young and old alike. What the workshop promotes is music at its very heart and soul.
— Rachel

I got my 17 year old son some taster classes for his birthday and he really enjoyed it and learned a lot. Pete was very encouraging and patient and it’s now something that my son wants to pursue as a hobby.
— Jon

The Vinyl Workshop was a great success with all ages at our event. Pete played awesome tunes and created a great atmosphere!
— Best Western Chilworth Manor Hotel

I liked the way we mixed the technology with the old hits, I learned lots and it was good fun with my mates
— Ted

The DJ session was really great! It was fun and informative, and I feel like I learned a lot about both DJing and music in general
— Benji

Pete was excellent explaining what he did, he played some good music and I got to have a go with the professional equipment. I enjoyed looking around the studio
— Sam

Fun and interactive, he’s cool and has a good taste in music
— Austin